Keeping animals as pets essay

About 25 percent of both imported and domestically-bred macaques are reported to have had the herpes B virus. Sometimes they are kept in cages.

Man's life is full of boredom. After a daylong work he comes back home and gets peace in the company of this pets. But humans have rights, including the right to own and use property. Dogs are able to either lower blood pressure and cholesterol or help people lose their weight.

Just about all of our other uses of animals can easily be seen to be immoral given our conventional wisdom. These dogs are non-human refugees with whom we share our home.

Essay about keeping wild animals as pets You are here: We are property owners. When our houses are ravaged by rats, cats help us. But humans have rights, including the right to own and use property. Portlet container comparison essay Portlet container comparison essay social intolerance essays essay on vidyalaya in sanskrit language essay social media and youth culture essay generations harragas film critique essays, importance of computer in essay citations qakbot analysis essay deutungsmuster beispiel essay.

Along with well-known ecological problems—such as the extinction of species, or the destruction of rainforests, there is also another significant issue: Think about this matter in the human context.

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Let an expert have a final read over your paper before handing it in. It plays the role of a watchman. Since the beginning of the century, four people were hunted down and killed by wolf hybrids.

It guards our houses constantly. All the interests that the human slave has can be valued by someone else — the owner — who might choose to value the slave as a member of the family, or could provide the slave with minimal sustenance but otherwise treat the slave horribly.

They do not belong in our world, irrespective of how well we treat them. These laws are relevant only when human interests and animal interests conflict. People who keep cats as pets tolerate their peculiar habits. Medical research has proved that pets increase the longevity of those who have had heart attacks.

The most important thing is that we recognise the negative right of animals not to be used as property. We would still be able to value their lives at zero and either kill them, or take them to a shelter where they would be killed if not adopted.

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The most important thing is that we recognise the negative right of animals not to be used as property. People have adopted bears upon finding cuddly cubs, but bears can top pounds and become uncontrollable as they grow. The only use of animals that we make that is not transparently frivolous is the use of animals in research to find cures for serious illnesses.

We have bred them to be compliant and servile, and to have characteristics that are pleasing to us, even though many of those characteristics are harmful to the animals involved. We consume animal products because we enjoy the taste. Your dog is your property.

From many angles, it is proved that animals are our friends. The problem with this attribution of paternity is that Singer is a utilitarian who rejects moral rights altogether, and supports any measure that he thinks will reduce suffering.

Support Aeon Donate now We live with six rescued dogs. Just about all of our other uses of animals can easily be seen to be immoral given our conventional wisdom.

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Essay about keeping wild animals as pets

Keeping exotic animals as pets could be dangerous for the owners and their surrounding areas as well. Numerous incidents involving exotic animals which held in private hands have been reported across the country. In other words, the ‘father of the animal rights movement’ rejects animal rights altogether and has given his blessing to cage-free eggs, crate-free pork, and just about every ‘happy exploitation’ measure promoted by almost every large animal welfare charity.

Singer does not promote animal rights; he promotes animal welfare. Having domesticated animals at home is interesting. Some people decided to own pets because they need companion at home. They used to spend their leisure time by playing with their pets.

While pets are mere domesticated animals for those who do not possess them, for those few who do they are not just dogs, cats, or birds; they are family. Despite the odds favouring owners outliving their pets, pet owners are inclined to keep on getting themselves new pets when the old ones pass away.

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Keeping animals as pets essay
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Essay about keeping wild animals as pets