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Due to the fast development of chemical and petrochemical industry, oil is being used for producing synthetic rubber, fibers and plastics.

Conserving Natural Resources

We need our environment and the things it provides us for staying alive. Even a small change in environment or the quality of natural resources affects life around it.

What Are Different Ways to Preserve Natural Resources?

For example, the vast resources of solar, wind, tidal and geothermal energy are yet to be fully discovered and utilized. We know that man depends on his environment. They provide raw materials to a number of important industries, namely, matchboxes, paper, newsprint, rayon, furniture, construction, tanning etc.

Our planet formed over 4,5 billion years ago.

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We must use minerals sensibly as they are non-renewable natural resources. C Forest Policy The forest area is decreasing very fast day by day. We must prevent forest fires. When India accounts for 15 per cent of world population, it possesses only 2. Bird sanctuaries are areas where birds are protected and encouraged to breed.

Forest conservation can be done by preventing fires, eradicates pest, resistant varieties of plants, reduces deforestation, increase afforestation, regeneration, conservation of soil depends upon the maintenance of vegetal cover, terracing and landscape and check soil erosion.

There is a need to develop forest areas in the entire country. Nonrenewable sources for power generation, home and workplace, and transportation cause pollution and its harmful impacts. Some national parks of India are marked on the map given alongside.

Why Is It Important to Preserve Nature?

We can prevent it by the following methods: The measures like proper drainage, storage, use, flood control can be taken for conservation of water. This means that they can be used again and again without being exhausted. But some like forests, minerals, oil, etc. Petroleum, coal and natural gas are the fossil fuels that formed in the ground due to decomposition of flora and fauna remains in anaerobic condition during millions of years.

We need to stop destroying forests and cutting trees.

Essay Sample on Natural Resources

The Department of Forest, Government of India has given much emphasis on afforestation and development of waste lands, reforestation and plantation in the existing forest, prohibition of grazing and elimination of forest contractors.

Natural recourses play vital part in our existence. Some hybrid cars just run on electricity. Trees give us wood that helps in making so many things like furniture, paper, etc.

Cultivating the soil also provides it cover and prevents wind from blowing it away, ii Terrace or step farming done on slopes of hills slows the speed of water flowing down and reduces soil erosion.

For that, certain objectives should be followed. Man and animals depend on plants for their food and plants get nourishment from the soil.

At many of our sites and in the communities where we work, Pfizer supports and undertakes environmental projects that restore land, preserve wildlife, and help conserve natural resources. Sometimes, these projects are a result of historic activities associated with formerly-owned sites.

Preserving nature is important because the biodiversity of the planet, including the human race, is dependent upon properly functioning natural processes. Without a healthy natural environment, most life would cease to exist, according to Mother Nature Network. Pollution and Environment Essay - Preserving Our Environment; Pollution and Environment Essay - Preserving Our Environment.

They believe that with advancing technology, we don't need to worry about renewing natural resources, recycling, and finding new ways to produce energy. They argue that one person in the world does not. Natural resources are materials and components (something that can be used) that can be found within the environment.

Every man-made product is composed of natural resources (at its fundamental level). Conserving Natural Resources (Essay Sample) May 16, by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples.

Preserving natural resources is an essential response towards the survival of the future generation. Think and act in an eco-friendly manner by preserving nature’s beauty.

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With limited natural resources due to over-exploitation, our. Preservation of the natural environment is essential for maintaining community sustainability. This section presents various approaches and techniques used successfully in different communities to protect and restore their natural resources.

Essay preserving natural resources
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