Betrayal in the city by francis imbuga theme analysis

He is made a high ranking military official despite being illiterate. They are later joined by Tumbo and the meeting begins. Considering that most cronies are appointed because of their relation to Boss rather than their professional competence, the result is that their duties are poorly executed.

It was first published inand addresses the troublesome effects of freedom and independence in post-colonial African nations. Jere pleads with him to be reasonable enough and let the old couple do their ceremony in peace but he is adamant.

Discuss the effects of coups in Africa. Mulili and Tumbo are made high ranking government officers even though they are illiterate. Being a relative to Boss gives Mulili a chance to despise his colleagues in service. Conflicts will also vary from subtle differences in opinion to open violent hostility.

Government officials make use of any opportunity to make money through unfair means. Infuriated, Boss orders Mulili to kill Kabito and make it look like an accident.

Using the guns, the actors challenge Boss and his cronies in a cleverly crafted coup. Kafira is described as an independent country but still influenced by foreign countries. The banning of the hair shaving ceremony is a tactical manoeuvre by those in authority to cover up on their failings by blaming innocent citizens who, with regard to tradition, have the right to assembly.

Two soldiers, Jere and Mulili, arrive to ensure that no ceremony is held in memory of Adika. Tumbo is another example of people appointed to powerful positions in the government without professional qualifications.

It is hard to understand why a country would hire foreigners at the expense of its own manpower. Betrayal in the City presents several conflicts. Their child has been killed in an organized demonstration against dictatorship and corruption.

It is important to note that the IGNORANCE mentioned in the plays borders on political patronage and poor appointments on the side of leaders who reward sycophancy while paying lip service to professionalism. Boss offers to step in for him and he orders the police to surrender their guns to be used as props when they discover that some props were not ready yet.

Scene II The scene is set in a prison cell. Mosese and Jere are therefore approached and requested to take part in the play.

Kabito is found sleeping before the meeting and Mulili comes late. When he quarrels with Kabito he lies to Boss so as to get his blessing to kill Kabito.

Revenge is motivated by anger. The issue of expatriate workers is also another instance of neo-colonisation. Jusper the brother of Adika is not there and thus his parents are worried as to where Betrayal in the city by Francis Imbuga is a play that tells us what happened and what is happening in most third world countries.

On this occasion, he was missing. He cares less when NINA threatens to strip naked-a mortal curse among the people of this community. Follow them to the bitter end.

Betrayal in the City

Also, knowing that their relation to Boss makes them untouchable, the appointees embezzle public funds, abuse the offices and grab public property without any accountability.

Later on we get to know of the death of one Chagaga having killed by Jusper as a revenge to the murder of Adika and that explains why Jusper is in the cells. We cannot outwit the ancestors.  A critical analysis of the theme of betrayal in Francis Imbuga's Betrayal in the City, Game of Silence and Man of Kafira This study examines the kind of influence postin dependence realities have had on Imbuga as a playwright.

More specifically it is an exploration of some aspects of Imbuga's dramatic transmission of these realities.

Sep 29,  · BETRAYAL IN THE CITY, THE THEMES-Ignorance and Inefficiency BETRAYAL AS A THEME IN THE PLAY BETRAYAL IN THE CITY 45 thoughts on “ THEMES IN BETRAYAL IN THE CITY – THEME OF CORRUPTION ”. Analysis Of The Play, "betrayal In The City".

Themes in Betrayal in the City by Francis Imbuga Date: 31/12/ Author Information Uploaded by: David Uploaded on: 31/12/ Subject: English A theme is an idea that the playwright puts across. Betrayal in the City by Francis Imbuga Book Review, summary of the plot, theme analysis/Photo Summary of the play Betrayal in the City The Play Betrayal in the City illustrates how citizens are being oppressed by the regime.

Francis Imbuga’s major concern is betrayal at two levels, both at a personal and government level. Betrayal in the City shows a decay in morals, greed for and Nina lament as they mourn their dead son, Adika and wishes to perform a.

Jun 17,  · BETRAYAL IN THE CITY By Francis Imbuga. Characters In The Play. Doga – an old man; Nina – his wife; Jusper Wendo – their son; Jere – Soldier, later prisoner; Mulili – His colleague, later farmer; Askari – Prison warder; Mosese – Ex-lecturer, now prisoner; Regina – his sister, also Wendo’s Girlfriend; Tumbo –.

Betrayal in the City Summary and Study Guide Betrayal in the city by francis imbuga theme analysis
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Thematic concerns in Imbuga’s Betrayal in the City – Mwalimu wa kizungu